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After working on non-fiction projects, I was bitten by the fiction-writing bug and haven’t stopped since. My careers as an art historian and anthropologist have shaped my interest in history, especially Australia’s past from the Victorian era to World War 1. 

   As a ‘tree changer’ in north-eastern NSW, I am strongly influenced by the physical environment—rainforest, mountain ridges, turbulent rivers—and this region’s dramatic history. The natural environment and the way it has been shaped by human influence form recurring themes in my writing.

   After having my short stories published in several anthologies, I turned to contest judging and am presently a judge for the Romance Writers of Australia Little Gems contest, a fun competition and a great opportunity for emerging writers. The Farewell Letter (see next page) highlights the sacrifices made by so many during World War I.

   My writer friends and colleagues (you know who you are!) keep me challenged, motivated and industrious as a writer. At home, my companion and critique partner, Sebastian, (who likes having his photo taken) is a great antidote to writer’s block although his wandering paws cause havoc with half-completed documents.

    Postcards from Ka’anapali, my historical romance set in the Hawaiian Islands in 1913 and inspired my Maui’s flamboyant past, was released at the 2015 Byron Bay Writers Festival. I hope you enjoy the extract here.

Happy reading!



Sebastian gets his paws on a good story

Sebastian after a hard day of editing

Postcards from Ka’anapali

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